Studio Movie Grill’s Digital Offerings Are a Blockbuster Hit

By Abigail McLaughlin, Senior Manager Solution Delivery

After switching to the CashStar digital gifting program, Studio Movie Grill saw a 300% increase in online gift card sales.

Studio Movie Grill Digital Gifting Program

Studio Movie Grill saw a 300% increase in online gift card sales after switching to CashStar’s digital gifting program.

For many, dinner and a movie is the classic date night or family outing. Studio Movie Grill (SMG), the leader of in-theater dining exhibition offers patrons the opportunity to order dinner, snacks and other treats from their theater seats – combining two outings into one great entertainment experience. With 24 locations in 10 states across the country, the concept is growing in popularity all while modernizing the traditional movie-going experience. The company is known for its ability to innovate and maximize movie and menu offerings, but to expand even further, the company knew it needed to find additional ways to bring in customers – and revenue.

While gift cards seemed like the perfect way to extend SMG’s unique dining and entertainment experience, the company’s gift card program was static. Managed entirely in-house, gift card transactions only included the sale of plastic cards, making them overly reliant on in-store sales.

Without digital gift cards, SMG was missing a huge marketing opportunity to cultivate new patrons and leverage last-minute gifting opportunities. SMG looked to CashStar to enable the purchase of both plastic and digital gift cards online. With CashStar’s deep understanding of the prepaid landscape, high-touch customer service and innovative gifting capabilities, the investment paid off. Since launching its eGifting program in April of last year, the company’s online plastic and digital gift card sales have increased by 300 percent. They have also reported a significant lift in average order value for its gift card sales.

Here are some of the ways CashStar has helped SMG create a winning digital gifting program:

  • Personalization — Digital gift cards enable SMG’s customers to personalize the cards with messages, photo upload, and several faceplate options, making the experience that much more memorable for both senders and recipients.
  • Convenient Gifting Options — Now, rather than having to limit the sale of its gift cards to denominations of $25 as SMG did previously, customers can purchase digital gift cards in any amount they choose. This small tweak provided a quick return as SMG’s average order value from gift card sales rose in just one year’s time following the implementation.
  • Amplified Promotional Campaigns — SMG has used the sale of gift cards to promote new and renovated SMG locations, capitalize on prime gift card giving opportunities like last-minute holiday shopping periods, and other discount offers (for example, buy a $25 digital gift card and receive a $5 bonus card). The program has even helped with charitable efforts, like SMG’s food bank drive, where 10 percent of the proceeds raised from “Hunger Games”-themed digital gift cards benefited local partnering food banks.

SMG now has the ability to execute targeted gift card-based marketing campaigns, as well as offer its customers convenient gifting opportunities. In fact, the company is so confident in this program that it has integrated gift cards into nearly every facet of its business, from marketing and operations to customer service. This could not come at a better time, considering that online gift card sales are expected to grow to reach $14 billion by 2017, according to CEB Tower Group.

Download the case study to read all about the digital transformation of Studio Movie Grill’s gift card program.

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