Employee Q&A: Get to Know Shawn Gorman, Director, Supply Chain, Production Management

Meet our Resident Physical Gift Card Production Guru.

CashStar sponsored Shawn Gorman recently in a 100-mile ultra power walk to raise money for Limitless Racing.[/caption]Describe your role at CashStar.
I help merchants examine their plastic gift card production and fulfillment strategies to find ways to save costs, improve performance and enhance their business. I am based in Denver, Colorado.

How did you come to work at CashStar?
I have spent the last 15 years in the card industry, overseeing supplier management and supplier performance activities. Before coming to CashStar, I worked directly with CashStar in a partner capacity through my previous employer. In that role, I was able to visit Portland several times and participate in one of CashStar’s Innovate conferences – which were great ways to learn about the company and its culture.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CashStar?
The people. They are truly dedicated to helping their clients grow their programs. I have experienced the relationships we have built first hand at our yearly CashStar Innovate conference, and in client meetings. Also, the investment we are making in talent and our systems is impressive. It is great to be part of a growing success story.

What do you think the biggest challenge retailers are facing, and how can CashStar help?
From a plastics perspective and being a supply chain “guy”, I see so much waste and inefficiencies in the current plastics process. Clients are not using data to manage their business and most processors are not assisting in helping with big data activities. Because retailers wear so many hats in their day-to-day duties and don’t have a lot of extra time to properly evaluate and make major changes to their programs, my advice to them is to partner with CashStar. Our industry expertise in so many areas is extensive—production, third party distribution, marketing, customer care, the list goes on.

What excites you most about working in the gift card ecommerce space (e.g. trends, challenges/solutions you’re helping solve, etc.)?
As clients are spread so thin in managing their programs, I am excited to add value and drive marketing and treasury improvements to their programs through supply chain best practices and production technology improvements.

What are you up to when you are not at CashStar?
I play over-40 hockey on Friday nights and recently have taken up ultra power walking. I have completed 35- and 50-mile races and recently finished a 100-mile event in mid-August. I also have 2 children that fill up the rest of my time with hockey, gymnastics, ballet, etc.

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