3 Lessons for Prepaid Commerce from Dreamforce

By Luke Nielson, Marketing Manager, and Adam Hallett, Manager, Partner Operations

Last week over 165,000 people descended on San Francisco for Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference. The leading CRM company has grown exponentially since its inception in 1999 and will soon represent the fourth-largest software company in the world.

Because the platform is an integral part to the sales and marketing processes here at CashStar, a small group of employees attended the event; takeaways extend far beyond the three important highlights below.

1. Focus on Your Customersdreamforce

You couldn’t move far over the five day conference without seeing huge banners printed with “customer success” – because after all, Salesforce is the “customer success platform.”

Was it repetitive? Yes! Was it boring after a while? No way. The Salesforce approach is not unlike our focus on the same topic here at CashStar, where our client success model based on aligned growth keeps us on track, because we don’t grow unless our clients do. No matter how overused the message seemed, it was refreshing to spend five days focused on this worthy pursuit.

2. Use Partners to Drive Success

Customer success may seem like a simple message, but it’s one that is not easy to achieve, and many platforms are only as good as their partner network. It seemed as though every corner of the massive Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco was filled with some type of Salesforce partner, powering an app that does this or a tool that does that. The wide variety and value resembled the breadth of opportunities within CashStar’s partner ecosystem. It reinforced the fact that expanding revenue or capabilities is easier with the right mix of engaged partners.

3. Strive for Continuous Improvement

Much of the hype at Dreamforce was around a new user interface referred to as “Lightning.” As daily users of the software, we’re thrilled to see the future functionality. It’s also amazing how Salesforce has grown to lead the CRM industry with such a previously outdated UI, but it’s proof that even as markets mature, there’s always room for improvement. Digital gifting is no different.

The annual Digital Gifting Benchmark Study by RSR Research was released last week and promoted by our marketing team. The Home Depot returned to the top, having the best overall rank this year, beating leaders like Sephora, Starbucks, and many other top online retailers. Even with their top spot, The Home Depot scored 51.5 out of a possible 75, showing that the retail experts at RSR still see plenty of room to optimize the digital gifting experience. Just like Salesforce and cloud computing, CashStar is committed to pushing digital gifting forward.

Industry conferences are a great way to step back from your day-to-day tasks and explore the future of your industry. Maybe we’ll see you next year at Dreamforce, but more likely we’ll meet up at CashStar Innovate (a slightly smaller conference focused on prepaid commerce). Registration for 2016 is launching soon!

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