Congratulations RSR Digital Gifting Report Leaders

By Steven Boal, Founder

The newly released 2013 Digital Gift Card Report by Retail Systems Research (RSR) is exciting to us at CashStar on so many levels. We’re encouraged by RSR’s findings that digital gifting has become a priority for more retailers than in years past and would like to congratulate the CashStar clients that scored well in this year’s report.

It’s no surprise to us that RSR found that, as a whole, digital gifting experiences are improving. The report shows that retailers with the best rankings have recognized that digital gifting is different than traditional online product sales. These leading retailers have been the true drivers of this industry. We have the honor of working closely with many of them to continually push the eGifting experience forward.

It’s rewarding to know that many of the fundamentals we view valuable are also recognized across the industry at large as well. The importance of a streamlined checkout process, rich personalization capabilities, convenient card management on mobile devices, and strong and responsive customer service departments are what we consider must-haves for digital gifting in 2013.

The beauty of the gifting experience – whether it is a gift card or a traditional product purchase – is that it gives a retail brand the opportunity to influence two parties – the buyer and the recipient. By providing an exceptional experience, a retailer can essentially create two brand enthusiasts when before there may have just been one. And an exceptional experience begins with giving the consumer all the tools and convenience he or she needs to create the perfect gift at the perfect time – and ends when the recipient unveils a gift that’s delivered in a way that truly delights them.

This holiday season, when every moment a consumer spends on a brand’s website counts, both sides of the customer experience matter more than ever. The RSR report is a valuable reminder to all of us to be at the top of our game to deliver the biggest and best digital gifting holiday yet. There’s still time make a difference, and there are always ways to improve – even for the most innovative leaders. We’re ready to help.

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