How to Maximize Holiday Revenue with Targeted Promotions

By Nate Smith, Senior Director, Marketing

Align Promotions with Consumer Preferences to Drive Customer Acquisition and Sales this Holiday Season

Maximize Holiday Revenue with PromotionsResearch shows that consumer purchase decisions are significantly influenced by promotions, with 63 percent of consumers reporting that a promotion closes the deal if they are wavering or undecided about making a purchase.1 This influence is even more important during the holiday season when one in five gifts purchased are unplanned impulse buys and about a quarter are based on a product category without something specific in mind.2 As such, a key part of maximizing revenue during the holidays is ensuring that your promotional strategy is in line with consumer preferences to help drive conversions.

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From Intern to CashStar Engineer

By Ben Chandler, CashStar Software Engineer

Building & Growing a Healthy Pipeline with a Robust Intern Program

CashStar Engineering internsThree years ago, the CashStar Engineering team established its own summer internship program with the goal of building a pipeline of engineering talent from local colleges and universities directly to CashStar. Each year since, we’ve grown the intern class size from its initial one intern and strived to improve the program.

What began as an interesting experiment has grown into a successful, mature feeder program for CashStar hiring. To date, the program has hosted ten interns and yielded two full-time employees. Our internships are among the most desirable tech apprenticeships in the Portland, Maine area. This year I had the privilege of helping to organize CashStar’s summer internship program. While there are many ways to keep interns engaged and ensure they are learning, I think there are three key elements that can really help an internship program succeed:

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Employee Q&A: Get to know Kelsey Raymond, Front-End Engineer at CashStar

Reaching Pinnacles in Customer Expectations and Mountain Hiking

Kelsey Raymond - Creating Gift Card ExperiencesWhat do you do here at CashStar?
I’m a Front-End Engineer at CashStar. I style our consumer gift card experiences and work closely with the Solution Delivery team to onboard new clients and continue projects for our existing clients and partners.

Why do you like working at CashStar?
I’ve always believed that job satisfaction is made up of more than just the nature of the work itself. I think the people at CashStar make up so much of what is great about it. My coworkers are also my friends and we all genuinely care about how each one of us is doing. We offer support and resources freely and celebrate in each other’s successes. A bunch of us have also formed a running group and participate in local races.

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Flourish 2017 – A Look at New and Untapped Opportunities for Branded Currency

By Lauren Chadwick, Senior Director, Marketing

Inaugural conference brings together retailers, marketers and thought leaders to explore branded currency strategies

Flourish - branded currencyExperts across the retail and payments industries recently gathered in Omaha, Nebraska to attend the inaugural Flourish Conference, which focused on opportunities for branded currency within retail organizations. With the payments landscape evolving so quickly, it was beneficial to dive into the state of branded currency—the concept of stored value created by a brand—in today’s marketplace and explore the actionable steps merchants can take to address both the challenges and growth opportunities brought about by gift cards, prepaid, loyalty programs and more.

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