Reflections on CashStar Innovate 2017

By Elias Eder, Business Development Representative

Consumer & Market Trends Round Up

CashStar Innovate market trendsCashStar’s seventh annual client conference, CashStar Innovate, recently came to a close. The three-day conference was our biggest yet, bringing together the brightest minds across various industries—retail, restaurants, payments and cybersecurity—to discuss the future of prepaid commerce, share best practices with their peers and learn new strategies they can bring back to their own organizations.

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CashStar Innovate 2017: Prepaid Commerce, Collaboration and a Whole Lot of Fun!

By Lauren Chadwick, Senior Director of Marketing

Grab your sunblock and shades—we’re headed to Miami Beach for our annual client conference, CashStar Innovate!

This year’s conference will take place March 13 to 15 at the very sophisticated hotel property, Miami Beach EDITION. More than 150 attendees from over 70 companies, including more than 15 merchant speakers and a dozen partner-sponsors, will convene to network, learn and share the latest prepaid commerce strategies that can be implemented within their own organizations.

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Strengthening Culture and Community Impact One Meetup at a Time

By Carlo DiCelico, Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

“Knowledge-sharing is our default”

Carlo DiCelico community impact

Carlo DiCelico addresses a Meetup at CashStar in Portland, Maine.

If you spend any time at CashStar, you will realize something right away: this is a company where everyone has an impact. There is a focused, purposeful energy emanating from the people who work here—a sense that they are passionate about what they do, the clients and customers they do it for and supporting each other in their efforts. The astonishing thing is that the culture responsible for this grew organically, with minimal intervention. The CashStar team owns its culture and gets it right.

Culture contributes to a sense of community. People often form communities to do more of the things they love, and folks here love learning and sharing new information with each other. Individuals and teams at CashStar are constantly iterating on themselves, their products and their processes, assessing and understanding what works and what doesn’t, and turning that insight into action. This is true of every department at CashStar, but the engineering team is a particularly good case in point.

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Beyond the Payment Play—Thinking of Gift Cards as a Product

By Monique Brown, Director, Client Success

When put to strategic use, gift cards have the power to acquire new customers and increase foot traffic while increasing revenue.

Acquire new customersWhen I think of the evolution of the gift card I am reminded of my early days in online marketing and the advent of the banner ad—the concept which led to numerous new revenue streams for advertisers and launched several online media companies. The idea of online advertising was so new that while advertisers were envisioning what a banner ad would look like, they were simultaneously trying to figure out how these new ads would lead to conversions and increase engagement.

Today, we’re at a similar inflection point with gift cards. Retailers are creatively utilizing gift cards outside of the straightforward payment play. When put to strategic use, they have the power to acquire new customers and increase foot traffic while increasing revenue. Ben Jackson of Mercator Advisory Group notes that the average amount spent beyond a gift card’s face value has increased steadily over the past three years and industry data shows that customers spend 44 percent more than the face value of the gift card they receive.

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