• Alan Fitzgerald
    Alan Fitzgerald
    Director of Engineering
    Highest profile CashStar project?

    Hands down, the $10 for $5 Starbucks LivingSocial Deal. My team had just days to plan and prep, and then closely monitor and proactively respond to the needs of this 1.5 million card program. We optimized our systems to handle a sustained rate of 400 requests per second – an impressive engineering feat to say the least. And, how often do you get to say you helped set a Guinness World Record® all in a day’s work?

  • Peter Moro
    Peter Moro
    What do you love about data?

    That it tells us what to do. We can follow our instincts only so far and create great products for our clients. But when I run the reports and mine the data to unearth the underlying trends – that’s often when we find the biggest opportunities to make recommendations that will help a client optimize their programs to turn a good promotion into a great promotion.