Meet The Team

We are 150 passionate, talented people, based mostly in Portland, Maine. We welcome you to meet our team members and find out why we’re so passionate about eGifting.

  • Prisca Allen
    Senior Manager Settlement Operations
  • Dan Allen
    Senior ETL Developer
  • Dori Amara
    Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
  • Joseph Bane
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Adam Bonville
    Partner Operations Manager
  • Tim Brewer
    Vice President, Engineering & Solution Delivery
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  • Monique Brown
    Director, Client Success
  • Lauren Chadwick
    Senior Director, Marketing
  • Eric Chapman
    Risk Operations Manager
  • Kathleen Conneely
    QA Engineer
  • Chris Cooper
    Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
  • Joe Cronyn
    Software Engineer
  • Karl Cyr
    Director of Solution Delivery
  • Matt Davis
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Kevin Davis-Knowlton
    Software Engineer
  • Beth Dembia
    Director, Client Success
  • Lisa Dorn
    Senior Director, Business Development (Central)
  • Caleb Dudley
    Front-End Engineer
  • Nate Dudley
    Risk Analyst
  • Teresa Dunigan
    Senior Manager, Accounting
  • Katherine Edenbach
    Vice President, Finance
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  • Eli Eder
    Elias Eder
    Business Development Representative
  • Tim Ermlich
    Senior Product Manager
  • Dan Farrell
    Vice President, Worldwide Sales
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  • Alan Fitzgerald
    Senior Director, Software Architecture
  • CJ Gaconnet
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Dann Gardner
    Senior Product Manager
  • Jonathan Gartland
    QA Automation Engineer
  • Gerry Gilbert
    Vice President, Product
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  • Peter Glaser
    Legal Counsel
  • Shawn Gorman
    Director, Production Management
  • Adam Hallett
    Manager of B2B Operations
  • Jake Herman
    Software Engineer
  • Stephen Hess
    Partner Settlement Accountant
  • Tanya Johal
    Office Administrator
  • Kari Johnson
    Director, Client Success
  • Chris Jordan
    Senior Technical Account Manager
  • Ben Kaplan, President & CEO
    Ben Kaplan
    President and CEO
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  • Josh Komusin
    Software Engineer
  • Chris Lawton
    Senior Solution Consultant
  • David MacElhiney
    Project Manager
  • Doug McCrae
    Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • Phil Moran
    Vice President, Strategic Accounts
  • Peter Moro
    Manager, Data & Analytics
  • Luke Nielson
    Marketing Manager
  • Caitlin Oberg
    Customer Care Supervisor
  • Rich Pierce
    Rich Pierce
    Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Mike Pistrang
    Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
  • Cindy Rea, Director, Business Development
    Cindy Rea
    Director, Business Development
  • Robbie Robinson
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Adam Rosenblit
    BI Developer
  • Dave Skelly
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Caitlin Skulley
    Director, Partner Success
  • Nate Smith, Vice President Marketing
    Nate Smith
    Vice President, Marketing
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  • Christine Snow
    Senior Manager, Client Success
  • Steve Soloway
    Risk Operations Supervisor
  • Liam Somers
    Director, Customer Care & Risk Operations
  • Chuck Staples
    Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • John Sterling
    Senior Director, Software Engineering
  • Brandon Tarbet
    Director, IT
  • Eric Thurgood
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Larry Weissbach
    Vice President, Operations
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  • Scott Whitton
    Customer Care Specialist
  • David E.M. Wood
    Creative Services & Website Manager