Maximize Revenue of your Digital Gift Card Experience

Grow your gift card program revenue and deliver a better customer experience across all devices and digital channels with CashStar. Our industry leading risk system reduces fraud and delivers up to 30% higher sales.  

Solutions & Services

CashStar Consumer Gift Card Commerce Solution for personalized gifting
Online and In‑store Consumer Sales

Sell both digital and physical gift cards to consumers directly from your website. Tailored to your brand, CashStar Consumer offers highly flexible customer experiences, advanced ecommerce features and fraud protection that actually increases revenue. To make gifting from your website even easier, CashStar Product eGifting allows your customers to digitally send physical gifts.

Engage Velocity Merchandising and Velocity Card Management services to work as an extension of your team, and take advantage of our industry expertise, scalable operations and end-to-end program management capabilities to grow your omnichannel gift card program both in-store and online.

Velocity B2B Bulk Gift Card solutions - Uber
B2B Sales

Grow B2B gift card revenue and take advantage of the $26 billion B2B market with CashStar Business. Or, if you don’t have resources to invest in B2B, let our Velocity B2B team manage and grow B2B sales for you, driving revenue while also providing B2B fraud protection.

CashStar Consumer: promotions that drive sales for Petco

Drive gift card sales and create more engaging marketing programs. CashStar Marketing gives you a broad selection of promotion types to help boost direct gift card sales to both consumer and B2B channels. Additionally, our flexible framework and expansive capabilities let us use branded value in innovative ways to drive key customer behaviors. Velocity Merchandising provides support for in‑store promotion execution, to help you run engaging marketing programs at all customer touch points.

Merchant Clients

Leading brands across retail, restaurant, travel, entertainment, internet and mobile industries rely on the CashStar Commerce platform.

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Distribution Partners

Are you a potential gift card distributor interested in the best way to acquire the gift card brands you need? Our colleagues at Hawk Incentives, A Blackhawk Network Business, are ready to help.
2018 NAPCO Research Merchant Gift Card eCommerce Evaluation
2017 Merchant Gift Card Ecommerce Evaluation
July 18, 2018

2017 Merchant Gift Card E‑Commerce Evaluation
NAPCO and CashStar teamed up to develop a comprehensive gift card ecommerce evaluation of merchant gift card prog…


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Velocity B2B Bulk Gift Card Services - Uber, Sephora, Topgolf

August 27, 2019

Food For Thought: How Grubhub Beefed Up its Gift Card Program
Grubhub works with CashStar to give people a simple way to share the joy of mealtime with those they love, wherever they may be, through an online gift card portal.


CashStar Consumer
Learn about the industry-leading consumer ecommerce online gifting solution that powers gift card purchase experiences for the world’s top brands.
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