Risk Management

Eliminate financial risk for consumer transactions and reduce compliance overhead with CashStar’s differentiated risk management services. CashStar’s risk management approach combines risk services with a proprietary risk engine to deliver revenue-optimizing risk management — offering clients complete indemnification from fraud liability, and empowering them to focus on maximizing revenue growth.





Consumer Risk Management

Eliminate risk with expert analyst review of flagged orders, including outreach to consumers to determine validity.

Risk & Compliance Consulting

Improve overall risk performance with a focused consulting engagement led by CashStar experts. Offerings include assessment of overall risk strategy, including industry benchmarking and approach to redemption fraud and industry regulations, and advance compliance services to develop end-to-end visibility of potential laundering activities.


Better understand purchasers with social graph and behavioral reporting on consumer and business gifting, including who is giving to whom, why, how much and how often.