CashStar Marketing

The evolution of omnichannel marketing has expanded the opportunities to capture the attention of consumers – and drive purchase decisions – across traditional and digital strategies. CashStar Marketing helps merchants design and execute a broad range of promotions to grow revenue across new and existing consumers.


Campaign & Loyalty Management

Promotions attract audiences and cultivate brand preference. With CashStar, manage concurrent promotions and integrate with existing loyalty programs to both acquire and retain customers.

Campaign Execution

Easily schedule, manage and fulfill a variety of promotions targeted to different audiences across omni-channel touchpoints.

Loyalty Program Integrations

Offer consumers loyalty rewards tied to prepaid commerce promotions by leveraging integrations with third-party loyalty systems.

Social Engagement & Flash Promotions

Consumers increasingly discover new brands and make purchase decisions based on social networks and flash promotions. Drive business growth in these channels with CashStar Marketing.
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Social Engagement

Use gift cards and other digital incentives to reward loyalty, surprise and delight followers, and resolve service issues securely through social channels.

Flash Promotions

Conduct flash promotions on owned properties, across social networks and through third-party sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.

Coupon & Give One, Get One Promotions

Keep consumers engaged and help drive new purchases with creative campaigns designed to appeal to target audience segments.

Promotion Engine

Leverage a selection of powerful, configurable promotion types – including discounts, bonus coupons, cross-branded promotions, and give-one get-one initiatives – to incentivize the purchase of gift cards, products and services.

Coupon Replacement Promotions

Offer gift cards as an alternative incentive to coupons to drive sales of a specific product or service.

Give One, Get One Promotions

Provide gift cards as incentives for the purchase of a gift card, product, or service, with digital and plastic card options for both purchase and promotion.

On-Demand Activation

Build loyalty, gain lift and meet unanticipated customer needs by providing businesses and consumers with inactive gift cards to activate whenever a gifting occasion arises.
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Multiple Channels

Distribute cards through a variety of channels: in-store at checkout, in ecommerce shipments, at tradeshows and events. Customers activate cards when needed through a simplified purchasing site.